Saturday, August 5, 2017

Simply Alone

A beautiful woman
Sat at a table for two.

Dressed very pretty;
No ring on her finger.

What’s a woman like you
Sitting there all alone?

She placed an order for a
Delicious meal and drinks.

Her attire was striking
On her lovely tan body.

Why isn’t a man with her
To give love, honor, and care?

Music was playing and it
Was the most perfect evening.

The atmosphere of ambience
Was simply surrounding her.

Carol Kappes 2017
Inspired of an evening out
To enjoy music and dance.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

I Glow When I Am Happy

Sometimes work gets a little overwhelming.
When personal things get caught in the midst
            Of aligned strings.

Or in the commitment to community links.
When quality family time begins to sink.
When the brain is weary to think,
Of how to keep the body in sync.

In a space where only rest can relieve me
From stress, though I feel I am doing my best,
There is a bigger mess.

Still I keep going, moving on impulse, gasping
            For air.

As my heart beats rapidly I know, I know that
I’m low. Perhaps even lower than it shows, below
The essential blood flow.

Some things I must let go, as sure as the wind
Blows. There I recall how Moses received a vow,
That stands even now.

My burden will never overflow. Give thanks
That is so. Even when I’m weary I know, one kind
Word makes me glow.

Carol Kappes 2017    (Written Title)
Social Networker      (Written Verse)
Dedicated to CD
In Collaboration
Inspired of thoughts to be happy