Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Atrocity and War

This connection of mine was corresponding with many issues and topics.  We are living in a dangerous world when we hear the atrocities that happen all the time…makes us all wonder why?  You will read some troubling words in this interview…and of course it is the reality some people face under extreme genocide and taking of so many lives of various groups of people.  Yes, indeed, it gave my ears full. 

Most often times it is man that reads these things, about political and warfare.  Many times women read other things in life.  I also noted my own father listening to the world news and what is happening in today’s world, and my mother did also.

I had heard this man’s voice; he is correct that atrocities have been happening for so many years.  I lived in a world of peace as a young child, but I cannot say that for my children. They grew up hearing about 9/11 as they were students in elementary school. Never before when I was a student had I heard of school and theatre shootings, as I do now.  They say that history repeats itself, because it seems that each generation have their own issues and problems. Killings will always continue in the earthly world…and to me, it is senseless that as humans we cannot learn how to love and have peace and share in this world.

Social Networker in quotes        Carol Kappes unquote             Editing


“Just go to You Tube (or Google search) and type in experts predicting bad times, Jade Helm and end times and things like that.”

Yes, I had heard that many people from the eastern and western worlds’ predict or wonder if end times are close then we realize. Look at this world, many divorces, singles left, children are unloved.

“Type in end times and global collapse and you’ll get an ear full.”

Poverty. I have to agree.  I don’t have much money these days.

“Money will be worthless, gold and silver useless.”

The middle class is shrinking, young couples having hard times enjoying. Government seems to be controlling us then?

“An acre of land was $10,000 and gas $100 and a mobile home $17,000 and turkey burger 40 cents and now land is $50,000, gas $275, mobile home 40,000, turkey meat is $2.75.”


“They talk about jobs.  Jobs won’t do it. You need to make $2.000 a week. Jobs quit keeping up with inflation by the mid 80’s”

Omg; no wonder

“They raise taxes and food and fuel to suck all the money from the middle class and it’s gone.”

Sounds awful

“So Communism rears its ugly head now.”

Oh my gosh, so close to the truth. We are hurting; and I am not wrong.

“When they disarm us, the commies do their dirty work.”

Omg; you are scaring me. Don’t.

“You think it isn’t true?”

I’m leaving right now.

“Click on things that say genocide and murder. There is a whole list of things there. I’ll go look.”

Jewish Genocides Today and Yesterday.  100 Million Christians, 1920-40. Palestinian Genocidal Killings, Israeli & Jewish Racial Purity Laws, Israel’s Palestinian Apartheid Laws, The Iraqi Genocide 1990-Now, Anti-Christian Movement, 100,000 Ringworm Children Poisoned/Radiated in Israel by Zionists, War Against Middle East, German Blockade 1933-1940. Iraqi Blockade 1990-Now, Jewish Hatred of Gentiles, Jewish Hate Crimes Against Other Jewish Sects, Jewish White American/USA Genocide, 1946 Deportation of Non-Jewish Whites, Jewish Slaughter of Christians for Persians in Jerusalem, 641 AD, American Civil War,  The Black Holocaust, Israel’s Sampson Plan, Israeli Theft of Palestinian Lands, Map of the Shrinking Palestine.”

All because they (Jews) turned away from God?

Then my social networker went on to describe the scenario and scene if you will picture; describing the horror it must feel like to these people under all these atrocities.

“Carol, how will you handle it if you are loaded into the trucks and taken to be shot in the back of the head and you’re walking and you hear the shot and you see the people falling down the loading docks and you only have about 30 more shots to go and then it’s your turn.  Will you be able to maintain…”

I would pray to God.

“…will you go with dignity or run like a mother fucker and then they machine gun you down?  Will you be like the guy that had the newspaper and piss and poop yourself, or to develop gas and cut a series of farts and stink up the whole truck.”

Stop. Very cruel, isn’t it? 

“Will you call them communist bastards?”

Men are worse than animals?

“Reality for 100 million Slavs loaded into trucks and shot in the back of the head and who knows how many in the Stan countries it could easily have been 50 million and 150 million Chinese. It is communism and they never had to pay for what they did to the people. Jews had created it and they killed tens of millions for no reason.”

Jews disbelief and disobeyed God. They would then be problematic?

“If you can understand that 90 per cent of us in the USA will be killed soon, then it hits home.  Let’s die together, Carol.”

I’ll die in Christ…n live in Heaven. I did my work…although I had more goals.  Those articles too sad for me…as a woman…to read them.  This world is faltering.  It’s no wonder my writing brings happiness and joy to the heart; even my own.

He told me he listens to choir music, “I could listen to this over anything”, when they are in harmony. He did give me the name. It sounded so beautiful.

“Carol, you don’t want the truth. I read about this shit every day for 20 years.  I read about how the Communist Jews murdered 10 million of our people over 70 year period. I read how they nailed German women to barn doors and used them for target practice. The Germans found the ground littered with German boys and girls raped to death. Thousands of them. Littering the ground Raped and killed by the Slavic hordes.  Now I don’t know if it was the Jews among them, but it was fucked up.  They found hundreds of German women with their babies stomped  out of their womb. After WW2 the Jewish Eisenhower put 2 million German soldiers in an open field and 1.7 million died. You didn’t know we had Jewish presidents, did you?  Teddy was and so was FDR, Eisenhower and LBJ. So Jews were in power during our most turbulent times. Wilson was being blackmailed by Jews.”

Omg; no…I didn’t need to hear all of these killings…but it tells me that men are animals.

“People can kill millions and don’t give a damn. But whites can’t for too long, but Jews could do it for 100 years.”


I can see where the necessity of war crimes is needed against retaliation or when someone had attacked you, and you had to fight back.  But when it is about faith, religion, culture, or anything of this nature…I would like to see it abolished or ended. For we must stop EVIL and LOVE should prevail for peace to be in the world.

It probably is a good idea that we do not know our future; or how we will die.  We shouldn’t have to worry, but to enjoy life; which we should do in a kinder, gentler world.

Carol Kappes  2015
Dedicated to MH
Inspired of atrocities and wars.

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