Monday, January 11, 2016

My 5th Year of Blogging

I’ve had visions that led to this day

I have always been an author of verse since after high school
I have kept many writings in a file system through the years
I have remembered looking at the file and longing it to be seen
I have seen a vision of my cross necklace embedded on my brick red top
I have been writing and commenting in social networking
I have decided to open up my website and display my writings
I have noticed within a year; the value it held to people
I have received many voices to continue with my writing
I have been asked if a book goal is in my future
I have collaborated with others’ voices into my verse
I have seen a vision on my car’s frosted window (back of driver)
I have yet to aim for that final accomplishment; work still ahead.

Many things are possible with the will of God for your life

Carol Kappes   2015
Author of Verse
St Paul, MN in USA
Began Jan 12, 2011

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