Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Worldwide Sentiments

“Very best wishes, keep your beautiful smile,
Hope you live a happy life, stay healthy,
Keep the courage, and hope that you are fine.”

Sentiments were sent with pictures of flowers,
Roses, candy, dinner table décor with food, and
A lighted candle.

Ohh, such lovely pictures sent. This is so
Outstanding, You offered so much in return of
My work/writing…Thank you so much!

You know what I like…You’re a gentleman.

I’m often surprised how others simply know what
I like and also they seem to know me quite well!
This has to be one of my best moments in life, too.

Thank you for your gifts!

Carol Kappes   2014
Dedicated to SW
In collaboration
(Many others have written words in poems,
Greetings in foreign languages that I translated,
And invites to their country.)
Inspired of “what you do for others”


Carol Kappes said...

Without a doubt; I have found so many "friends" in this world...we have touched hearts that will forever be etched.
In a way, I have also"adopted" families just the same! I'd love to visit with them.
I would have never believed my "world" would have come to this; but it did.
Thanks for stopping by,

Carol Kappes said...

I believe that in telling you my thoughts and beliefs demonstrate to you that no matter how life seems to be in the way of trouble, hardship, etc. that you can only get through it by a strong faith. I consider that with faith in God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit (within you) you will get through the tough times in your life. We are connected to a higher dimension then you realize. Live your life through HIM. Love and Peace, Carol