Monday, July 1, 2013

I Want Your Love!

I want to get to,

Know you
Love you
Want you
Need you
Kiss you
Hold you
Feel you
Desire you
Excite you!

And never let you go.

Carol Kappes  2013
Inspired of Dating
Dedicated to CA-CM


Carol Kappes said...

Hi Readers:
I noticed my language/thoughts seem consistent throughout these years of writing. I just finished up a verse for use in the February, 2015 titled "A Love Took Hold" and in the last line; it is quite similar to the last line in this one.

I hadn't realized this, till a networker was reading this particular verse titled "I Want Your Love." It is quite different as far as the action is. YOU will soon find out in just a few months; and how time does fly by!

Have a wonderful New Year ahead,

Carol Kappes said...

Within this verse, my thought process at the time was that I did fall in love with this man that I had been dating. But unfortunately, not all men want to remarry once again.

This has happened often in my life. The men that I really had an affection for, didn't reciprocate that love with me. And I bet I could have had a wonderful marriage with him...but then again, that is my thoughts!

Thanks for reading,