Sunday, January 20, 2013

To Inspire Through Stories…

Both of you are very talented, courageous,
and simply an inspiration to me and others

You never gave up HOPE and you continue
to share your stories with others, with
bringing awareness of uniqueness and

Social networker     (written verse)
Carol Kappes         (written title)
In collaboration       Jan.  2013
Dedicated to SP
From comments on a group
Discussion in Linkedin  

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Entering a Foreign Nation: You Notice—

The accent/language of the people during the flight
The physique of the people in the country
The food and beverages that they eat and drink
The portion sizes of the meals and drinks
The cars/bus of transportation and license plate
The models and which side is the steering wheel
The direction of the way they travel
The difference to the streets and markings
The buildings and the scenery of trees; land
The underground trains and then walk to area
The way the transportation is designed in city
The way the behavior or attitude is of the people
The way of power outlets and toilets are designed
The way of the currency and the metric system used
The landmarks and sites of history for tourists
The clothing and hairstyles that people have
The food, products and design of the marketplace

(And this list goes on and on….)

Carol Kappes---2011
Inspired from visit to foreign land
On First International Flight

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Men In Flight

Look up into the blue sky
You see a plane so high

I often always wonder why
A Pilot so willing to fly?

Their family makes a sigh
As passengers say goodbye.

Please don’t let out a cry
Or tears will fall from my eye!

Look up into the blue sky
You see a plane so high

Carol Kappes  2012
Inspired from networking
Dedicated to pilots

Sunday, January 6, 2013

My 2nd Year of Blogging

I’ve shared my lifestyle; along with knowing yours
I’ve shared my religion; as to understand yours
I’ve shared my music; along with hearing yours
I’ve shared my childhood; as to simple as yours
I’ve shared my wisdom; along with knowledge of yours
I’ve shared my health; as to improve yours
I’ve shared my language; along with translating yours
I’ve shared my happiness; as to reciprocate yours
I’ve shared my pictures; along with seeing yours
I’ve shared my thoughts; as to educate yours
I’ve shared my ideals; along with interpreting yours

Carol Kappes  2012
An Author of Verse
Carol’s Corner
Began January 12, 2011

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

His Chosen People…

 You're now one of 13 apostles
 And none will question you ;-)

“Social Networker”  (Written verse)
Carol Kappes        (Written title)
In collaboration
October, 2012