Saturday, December 1, 2012


They guide you
They protect you
They message you
They direct you
They tell you
They influence you
They lead you
They help you
They inform you
They love you

Carol Kappes   2011


Carol Kappes said...

Dear Readers:
I remember talking with a social networker about our faiths; and from that conversation, I knew I would verse it about angels one day.
He and I are of different religion.

Carol Kappes said...

Not only do they protect you from danger as in storms, but I have noticed that they also direct you with your thoughts and decisions and also if you have lost something, they will lead you to find it.

One women once told me that she had lost a special earring in the beach sand; and she had found it. There had been a case of my brother's eye glasses fell off in the field and he didn't find them. I asked him what area that he had lost them and I went to find them.

In life you will hear many stories of people's lives in all of these situations. You also hear of miracles taking place, and that may be an angel helping you.

They are basically God's messengers to people on earth.