Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Life’s Beauty

Everything in life has its place
      Just as noticeable as a trace.
When we follow along each pace
      We often wonder what we’ll face.
Continuing on as if we’re in a race
      We should take the time to say grace.
Every moment, in any particular case
      Reflects beauty; as flowers in a vase.

Carol Kappes


Dr. Kamlesh Misra said...

Very Nicely written.. love your postings.

Carol Kappes said...

Thank you. I'm honored to be sharing them over the internet. When I wrote this in 1987 little did I imagine that it would appear on world wide web! It goes to show that the world and the people do change through the years.

Although some things again don't change. For instance, how did the world begin? Who was the creator?
Each one of us is born, then we live, then we know that we will die. The cycle of life stays the same!