Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hate is a Strong Word-

I hate you
I hate what you did
I hate what you said
I hate what you have
I hate doing this job
I hate that I have been chosen
I hate that I have a busy day
I hate the weather today
I hate that some are lucky
I hate that some have it easier
I hate this assignment
I hate that person for some reason
I hate to wear this outfit
I hate to go to the party
I hate to hear your side
I hate to ……………

Try Not to Use It!

Carol Kappes


Imran Chaudhary said...

"I love the word hate"

Carol Kappes said...

Hi Imran: I notice alot of youth use this word often in their language--but what does it do for them? It becomes their image and into their character and habits. For the most part hate is an intense dislike or prejudice toward something.

I would want to think as we "mature and grow up" we would always want to "better" ourselves to live in the likeness of great character, trust, and belief towards a richer, productive life.

I understand we live in a WORLD that is misunderstood by many people when they do not have a belief of faith and trust in why the world was designed and for what purpose to all of us. Not any of us live a perfect life, not even myself; but fulfillment and purpose comes when you are happy and live in a more likeable world!

The opposite of hate is love. For me I'd rather use the word love in my language! Why, you ask? Because it makes me feel better and happier! And it shows in my character and smile-

Take care and wish you all the best life has to offer; and thanks for being a reader, very glad to see you.