Saturday, October 22, 2011


H aunted house
A fraid
L ost
L urking
O paque
W itch
E vil
E erie
N ightmares

Carol Kappes

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hate is a Strong Word-

I hate you
I hate what you did
I hate what you said
I hate what you have
I hate doing this job
I hate that I have been chosen
I hate that I have a busy day
I hate the weather today
I hate that some are lucky
I hate that some have it easier
I hate this assignment
I hate that person for some reason
I hate to wear this outfit
I hate to go to the party
I hate to hear your side
I hate to ……………

Try Not to Use It!

Carol Kappes

Monday, October 10, 2011

Why all the Violence?

What happened to the loving?
What happened to the sharing?
What happened to the caring?
What happened to the helping?
What happened to the earning?
What happened to the working?
What happened to the confessing?
What happened to the teaching?
What happened to the listening?
What happened to the learning?
What happened to the mentoring?
What happened to the talking?
What happened to the praising?
What happened to the thinking?
What happened to the encouraging?
What happened to the praying?
What happened to the giving?
What happened to the creating?
What happened to the advising?
What happened to the studying?
What happened to the tutoring?
What happened to the parenting?
What happened to the volunteering

Keep your mind busy and stop hurting others-

Carol Kappes  2011
Inspired for keeping the mind busy
With crafts, school, college,
careers, and retirement 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Warfare Takes a Toll on Nations—It Must Be Stopped!

Conflicts—Talk about the conflict, find the solution, make a change.  Every Nation
           Must be accountable--Make a compromise and stick to it—And very soon!

Economy--Weakens the system of government and society. Money is not moving
           And distribution of produce and goods limited and in chaotic state.

People---They often wonder, What is happening? When will it end?  How can a
         Person live in peace with tension? Are they confused, angry, and bitter?

Destruction-It was built and destroyed in seconds.  Progress and development has
         Been stopped and delayed.  Lives lost and tremendous pain once again.

Emotions—Are the people immune to violence?  Is it a lifestyle for them?
           Does their behavior coincide with the war’s effects? Think on this!

Protection—Are the nation’s police, armed forces protecting the citizens? Do they target 
            The groups that cause violence as terrorists, gangs, crime & hate groups, etc?

Civilized—Are we becoming strong, educated and lawful abiding citizens?  Or is the
           Damages done to our character, our responsibilities and our conscience?

Atmosphere-Nuclear particles leaking in the air.  What will it do to the human
           Body and our future generations?  Will it cause fear and birth defects? 

Weaponry—Is this a cause of power or hatred?  Whatever the use; why cause bloodshed
           To human life?  It’s use was for hunting and protection of citizen’s well-being.

Carol Kappes   2011
Dedicated to RS
Inspired from networking for
Changes in the Middle East-
And all Nations Accountable
For peace of conflicts--

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Evil can be seen in the eyes
Evil can be heard in the anger
Evil can be voiced in the words
Evil can be felt in the push
Evil can be bullying in the student
Evil can be neglect in the family
Evil can be disrespect in relations
Evil can be killing in peoples’ lives
Evil can be damage in the mind
Evil can be lies in the statement
Evil can be fraud in the document
Evil can be stealing in the merchandise
Evil can be forgotten in the homeless
Evil can be disloyal in the partnership
Evil can be abuse in the women
Evil can be abortion in the fetus
Evil can be rape in the victim
Evil can be hatred in the people
Evil can be pain in the society
Evil can be harassment in the employee
Evil can be lies in the conversation
Evil can be gossip in the rumor
Evil can be alcohol/drugs in the driver
Evil can be corrupt in the government
Evil can be terrorist in the country
Evil can be threaten in the person
Evil can be violence in the weapon
Evil can be addiction in the brain
Evil can be harmful in the actions
Evil can be immoral in the thoughts
Evil can be cheating in the test
Evil can be betrayal in the spouse
Evil can be disgrace in the reputation
Evil can be control in the marriage
Evil can be affair in the relationship
Evil can be deny in the trust
Evil can be blame in others
Evil can be greed in the money
Evil can be dishonest in the love
Evil can be torture in the prisoner
Evil can be war in the nation

Carol Kappes    2011