Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Please Take Care of Me

In the good days and the bad days,
With the great times and the difficult times.

When things are well and when they’re not
Or when we feel too sick to carry on.

Sometimes I need a shoulder to lean on
When trouble comes my way and yours.

Lots of love will keep us strong but at
Some point it could make a wrong-

So talk with me and stand beside me,
Through all the days within our life.

For when the final curtain has arrived-
We knew in our death, we would part.

Carol Kappes    2011
Inspired for lasting love


Carol Kappes said...

I wrote this piece because the one thing that most people tend to forget is that it has to be maintained--just as our careers! Marriage takes work for the happiness and love to continue throughout the years. And if only people could remember this simple committment to honor, cherish, and love-

deepakkhandekar said...


Carol Kappes said...

Deepak, Thank you for your kindness. It was through you and many LinkedIn connections with their words of encouragement at my lowest point that helped me! Some have said to forget the past, to shift and delete, showed me their friendship, talked with me, and gave much understanding to me.

During this time I learned that I buried alot of pain in my mind, and it is popping it's way back out. It was like a numb feeling like anesthetic that I have to feel once again!

Thanks everyone for your support and encouragement that was sent my way! With sincere respect for you all, Carol

deepakkhandekar said...


Carol Kappes said...

Just because a person will have a divorce by law due to unforeseen circumstances; will not mean that they have departed in the mind of God's eyes. God had brought them together for a reason in the first place. The union will depart in death.

What has binded that love from the beginning is always in each person's thoughts and also in the birth of the children in that union.

Divorce very seldom ends; but death will.