Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Farmer’s Daughter

My father toiled the land, and loved the land;
He grew corn, soybeans, oats, and alfalfa.
Lived on an acreage of home and buildings,
Raised dairy cows, hogs, chickens and ducks.

Life was spent in doing everyday chores,
Going to school and learning all studies.
Caring for the family; preparing meals of
Fruit and vegetables grown from the garden.

My beginning was started on the farm in Iowa;
A mid-west state in the United States of America.
I’ve grown to love the land and all of natures’
Magnificent beauty, in my little corner of the world.

Then I left home for work in the city
To begin an adventure of my very own.
Many thoughts still take me to the wonder
Of how my life has been truly blessed!

Carol Kappes—2011
Born and raised in Iowa, USA

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Carol Kappes said...

Due to the way my life has been, I am very thankful that I had become an independent individual within my talents and responsibilities. I would not be what I am today if it weren't for that motivation and drive.

I wish your talents and opportunities give you blessings...the strength truly comes from within you.

Thanks for reading,