Monday, August 1, 2011

A Ball

It is round, light, and colorful.
You will touch it and pick it up.
You will toss it, catch it, hold it.
Find a friend
Toss it back and forth, keep your eye on it!
Maybe the ball has texture?
You can bounce it, dribble it, pass it.
Maybe the ball is not round, but oval?
You can kick it, throw it, catch it.
Maybe the ball is hard and heavy?
You can aim it, steady it, roll it.
Maybe the ball is medium hard?
You can hit it, throw it, catch it.
Maybe the ball is medium soft?
You can serve it, forehand it, drop shot it.
Maybe the ball is really small?
You can high-bounce it, wall it, grab it.

Maybe the ball is used in sports?
Find a team
And have some fun today!

Are we talking beach ball, basketball, football, bowling ball, baseball,
 tennis ball, super ball and all others?
Yes, let’s play!

Carol Kappes   2011
Inspired by Child’s First Toy/Sport


Sachin Mistry said...

Great Lines !!!

Carol Kappes said...

Hi Sachin! When I wrote this particular piece; I visualized the child with his first sight at the ball-and what you do with it. Then I went to the various shapes and sizes-and the final outcome was the sports that we adults truly like to watch in our pastime. And I want to mention here also the sport of cricket (Middle East sport)-one that I have never watched before-but someday I hope to get to view one day!