Wednesday, June 1, 2011


It’s something we all seek-
It’s the loving smile
It’s the sparkling eye
It’s the warm embrace
It’s the intimate kiss
It’s the sweet cuddle
It’s the spoken words
It’s the gentle touch
It’s the foamy bath
It’s the lighted candle
It’s the bubbly champagne
It’s the fancy dinner
It’s the refreshing mint
It’s the walk in the park
It’s the hug in the moonlight
It’s the cozy fireplace
It’s the sensual glow
It’s the romantic evening
It’s the taste of lovemaking
It’s something we all treasure-

Carol Kappes  2011
In Dedication to AC   

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Carol Kappes said...

Dear Readers: In this particular verse, I wanted to get into the feel of dating as it progresses. Each stage added on brings the unique relationship into oneness as a couple.
When you see "In Dedication to" that means that the person has given me the thought to write the verse. It could be just one or two ideas that they said to me and I come up with the finished piece.