Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Only Fair-

How do you feel today
In this warm month of May?
“Just great!” I would say
In the sun’s beaming ray.

I noticed it then and there
That you shower me with care.
And it is only to be fair-
We make a splendid pair!

Carol Kappes--1986


Carol Kappes said...

For my readers: As you can see some of the verse had been written awhile back, and it still pertains today! I kept them all in a notebook that I had typed on a typewriter; not on the computer.

Little did I know at the time they would become published on the internet!

M. Saleem said...

When I knew that this creation is 25 years old, I amazed that how Carol delivered it in a so young age ?

At that stage of age, girls have thoughts only about many needless things. But Carol was thinking for MAY and SUN BEAMING RAY.

What a profound imagination of a Young and Good Girl ?

On the lower half, she desired for making a Splendid Pair,which is an universal and innocent wish of every well disposed honest girl.

A very good verse...