Thursday, May 5, 2011

I Value……

I value your love and friendship
I value your smile and happiness
I value your joy and excitement
I value your care and companionship
I value your words and conversation
I value your help and responsibility
I value your advice and knowledge
I value your peace and understanding
I value your time and commitment
I value your skills and proficiency
I value your work and employment

Carol Kappes  2011
Inspired by networking
In Dedication to MSK


M. Saleem said...

I have read somewhere a heart-touching saying of an unknown writer:

--In an examination, children were given to write an essay on Mother.
A cute child wrote:
"Combination of million words from 26 alphabets can never express my loving Mom."

Although, I am not a child but in fact I front of Carol's Poetry,

There is not any examination, but I think IT IS...especially when someone has a desire to comment on Her High-Priced thoughts,

Only one thing is similar to above symbolic fable and THAT IS... "Combination of million words from 26 alphabets can never express my real comment."

In my imperfect opinion, actually Carol personally and her height of imagination itself are VALUABLE.

At the end, my heartily congratulations to most fortunate someone who is "YOUR" of Carol.


Carol Kappes said...

Dear Readers: I wrote this verse in that I wanted to relay the message that people "are of importance" in someone's life. When people feel this in their own life, they continue to go beyond their own self-worth (self-esteem, self-respect) and pass it on to others!