Preferences of Carol Kappes

American Citizen:       Author of "To Hear Your Voice."                                    
                                    Author of Verse at
                                    Creative and Freelance Writer
                                    Licensed Dental Assistant; Minnesota
Statistics:                     Height:   5’4” (Heels at 5’6”) Shoe size 71/2 to 8
                                    Weight:  Fluctuates;  USA  Misses size 10 to 12
                                                                      USA  Junior size 13
                                                                       Inseam: 31-32"

                                    Caucasian, Female     (Czechoslovakia Ancestry)

                                    Birthday in October; Libra   Born in New Hampton, Iowa
                                    Current age is middle age
 Fashion                      Hourglass figure; Classic clothing style, fitted garments,
                                    Business look in dresses, skirts, and pants, nylons and socks
                                    Prefers dark colors (black, brown, navy, army green), few lights
                                    Loves to wear rings, earrings, various shoes and boot styles.
                                    Regular use of skincare and cosmetics daily

Reading                       News, magazines, work related, informative, inspirational
                                    Movies in drama, adventure, romance
                                    Music in country, Christian, pop

Interests                       Multi-skilled, national and international affairs, travel,
                                     World’s progress, health issues, business, humanity

Visions                        Furthering goals and often reaches them; mindset
                                    A better, understanding world and its people
                                    Global society

Religion                       Roman Catholic; Baptized and current faith
                                    (Some doctrines I do not agree with)
                                    Read the Bible in teen years; and periodically/and as prayers

Beliefs                        One true God; Creator of this world - We all share Him in the world
                                   Jesus Christ, Son of God; He has been my mentor, love, and spiritual guidance
                                   Holy Spirit (Within us); Gives us life, breath, and purpose/fulfillment

                                                I can understand how inspired writers/authors receive messages and
                                                Therefore believe (have faith) in what (they) have written.

                                   The more we pray, read scripture, praise, and seek God; we gain understanding.
                                   In return we receive His blessings and wisdom.
                                                I understand and feel God’s love and peace; it’s unending and powerful

                                   God created mankind as inhabitants to take care of His creation in this world;
                                    We are to use our inborn traits and talents to work together with others.

                                    God gave many languages; man has changed religion throughout the years.
                                    All faiths lead to God.  The church was to teach scriptures and socialize.

                                    God has made all things good; what is not is due to fault (sins) of mankind.

                                    There are prophets/prophetess from the past, present, and future.
                                    Scripture indicated in Ephesians 4:11-13 that Christ gave the apostles, the
                                    prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and teachers.    –CK; 2015

                                    I believe that all real prophets hear the Voice of God...if they heard the voice
                                    of an angel; they are not real prophets, but messengers.   -CK; 2016

                                   I keep thinking on this: Prophet Muhammad (Islam) did not follow the lineage 
                                   that Christ is the Son of God...if he was a true prophet...prophets speak the
                                   Word of God. There are many writers in the Bible and not one had said Christ is
                                   a prophet. This concerns me.    -CK; 2017




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