Saturday, August 5, 2017

Simply Alone

A beautiful woman
Sat at a table for two.

Dressed very pretty;
No ring on her finger.

What’s a woman like you
Sitting there all alone?

She placed an order for a
Delicious meal and drinks.

Her attire was striking
On her lovely tan body.

Why isn’t a man with her
To give love, honor, and care?

Music was playing and it
Was the most perfect evening.

The atmosphere of ambience
Was simply surrounding her.

Carol Kappes 2017
Inspired of an evening out
To enjoy music and dance.

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Carol Kappes said...

Dear Readers:

When I had written this verse, I thought about the woman that I seen in this place. I was out at a restaurant, music and dancing in the evening, I came there myself also, but often I end up talking to someone or with a friend or lately it was some group with others.
She was pretty, sat as this verse is written and yes, as I was there I made a little conversation with her. She has a good job that it seemed, but it is puzzling these days why there are so many singles (most likely more that ever) these days.

I just feel sad; and can't talk more on this subject. The world has changed so much from when I was a student and now that I have experienced life.

Thanks for reading,