Sunday, June 11, 2017

Taking Many Months Off

I presently will be taking many months off
For myself and not taking the time to write.

I need to reflect where I stand, what I need
To do, and what/why I must change differently.

I wish for all my readers; happiness, love,
Peace, good health, prosperity, and inner joy.

I have a curious, stimulating mind that wants
To go somewhere, even I can’t get there yet!

I want you to enjoy reading my first book, it
Was released in 2016; written just for you!

I enjoy being your author/writer and was happy
That you had been a factor of that beginning.

Carol Kappes 2017
Inspired of taking a lengthy time off

1 comment:

Carol Kappes said...

Dear Readers:

Well, it looks like I just can't get away from my passions...those words come to my mind, and I have to be the one to share them.

Have a fabulous time off yourself; whenever you get the chance!