Friday, May 12, 2017

Advertisements Can Falsify

This connection and I were talking on so many subjects and this one happened to come in. We were talking about if one would become married again. I found it interesting and so true; we are bombarded by so many advertisements that strongly signifies something and to change our thinking habits.  Only half of them truly do what they are meant to do.  Remember, advertising sells items!

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The Interview

“Hey, you know what else happen when you get married?  You got to get a stupid ring.  The Jews have made us believe the diamond was so great.”

I’m not asking for a diamond. I want a black pearl ring with tiny diamonds around it.  Diamonds are not a sign of lasting love.

“They make you believe you got to buy that stuff.”

I know…all advertisements do.


I did happen to receive a round diamond ring with the first engagement and marriage.  And in noticing the marriages of so many other couples today fall apart and divorce; I do not see that the diamond lasts forever. So, actually to me it is no longer symbolic to love and happiness; or to even seal the commitment/covenant when you are saying your marriage vows.

If I am given the opportunity for a 2nd chance of life, for happiness to surround me with love, honor and respect…I don’t intend to have an all diamond ring…I will replace it for another type of gem, the pearl…that sparkles with tiny diamonds.

Carol Kappes    2015
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Inspired of advertising; materialism

Monday, May 1, 2017



Carol Kappes 2015
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