Saturday, March 11, 2017


You can get stuck in it
You can slip and slide
You can get your shoes filthy
You can track it in a building
You can see water standing
You can see it on a mud guard
You can see it after a rain storm
You can see it carried by the flood
You can witness it in a landslide
You can find it at the riverbank
You can play games or sports in it

Carol Kappes 2017
Inspired of some events
In the spring weather.


Carol Kappes said...

Dear Readers:

I can't imagine the mess that the flooding waters and torrential rains of nature do; but it certainly leaves an overwhelming feeling of "what a mess" this has caused! And especially if it is your home, circumstances of buildings and havoc, lost lives, and all of this.

When lives are lost in natural disasters; it is one of those things that the weather pattern or earth shifting causes the unforgetful event and day in our lives. Always be aware.

Wishing you all safe journey in life,

Carol Kappes said...

Dear Readers,

Dear Texans,

Sorry to hear about so much rain these past few days, of epic proportions from Hurricane Harvey. I am sure that you are witnessing the mud that is unbelieveable to you and also to me from what you are seeing and what I hear in the news; sending my thoughts to you from Minnesota.

May God guide your days ahead,
Carol Kappes