Monday, December 12, 2016

A Blue Christmas?

I’ll have a blue Christmas—

When I am missing you
When I see others’ more happy
When I’m feeling hurt/depressed
When I hear the song, ‘Blue Christmas’
When I notice part of the family isn’t here
When I see shining blue lights
When I can’t stop thinking about you
When I have an illness to contend with
When I see blue decorations on a white tree
When I feel like I’m spending the holiday alone
When I see blue wrapped presents and ribbons
When I see a couple kissing under the mistletoe

Remember; we are celebrating the birth of Christ.
He is always near…receive His love and peace!

Carol Kappes 2016
Inspired by how some people feel
On Christmas Day…Christ is born.
It’s not about you, but about Him

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