Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Just a Matter of Time

Publisher in quotes     Carol Kappes unquote

“Carol…If you could please send your “about the book blurb” for the back of the book. It can be a poem or you can tell about your book in 3 to 5 sentences. The blurb is what will go on Amazon and the back of your book indicating to the reader what your book is about.”

“Have a great day and thank you.”

Hi; Yes, I found this to be a tough one of all parts of the book. Please let me know if it sounds OK?

(I had written 2 samples for my publisher)

You know books a lot better than I do…I am just learning the ropes of it all.

“Love this one…but it is up to you”

(And my publisher copied the one sample for me to read)

Thanks; I am glad that I made 2 ideas; and you may have read many of my verse. You are more into the book business side…I trust your judgement towards a best seller…because we want people living better lives. Yes, after rereading them this morning…and hearing your call…go ahead and use this one. It does sound better…as the reason of the book…and why it was written.

(Keep in mind that I did not see the book cover design yet; until the “book blurb” had been written by me and printed on the back cover…after it was all completed by the publisher.)

“Carol…Here is your final cover in its template with your back cover blurb and retail price. Let me know if you approve.”

(After seeing this book cover design….)

Wow!  This is really eye catching…that people would want to pick this up and read it.

What do you think? Its very richness in the way you designed this…like no other book…which tells me the uniqueness of this piece of work. Looks enriching.

I can see why you liked my 2nd blurb version…to the design of this book cover. It really seemed outstanding…it’s so fitting.

“It’s perfect!”

It was unbelievable. Thanks.

(It is only a matter of time; that you will be reading this book, published in 2016)

Carol Kappes
Inspired of the book process
And the teamwork involved.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Ecuador Earthquake

This is devastation at its worse;
With buildings collapsed, many have
Been injured and still not found.

So sorry for the loss of loved ones,
Buried within the rubbish of what
Was once so strong and built of steel.

It gets too close to home… suddenly
Without much notice, and wrecks pain
And misery to those who are victims.

We just never know what will happen
In our daily life, always live each day with
Peace and love to those around us.

Carol Kappes 2016
Inspired of actual event
And around the world, too

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


It makes you approachable
It creates enjoyment
It has an effect on others
It indicates happiness
It often shows friendliness
It is a universal language
It satisfies your mood
It enhances your voice
It produces less stress
It can empower you
It lessens frown lines
It shows a caring attitude
It tells of a character trait
It helps to pass it on

Carol Kappes 2016

Friday, April 1, 2016

Behind Moments

I just love it when you’re
Standing behind me.

It sends emotional thrills 
Up and down my spine.

When you press your lips
To the side of my neck…

The exhilarating feelings of
Sensation are overwhelming.

Your hands caress my hips
In gentleness and love.

Your touch is so inviting;
I feel your desire is strong.

This relaxing moment is ours,
You and me in an embrace.

Carol Kappes 2016