Saturday, January 16, 2016


I had spoken with this connection a few times earlier.  He is also from the eastern world.  Sometimes I’m not aware of how they connect with me, either from LinkedIn or Google plus social networking. They pretty much connect to me and I often accept; as this is written in my statement; “Taking a stand to hear your VOICE in the world.”

We had earlier spoken on our careers and he is in the clothing business as a merchandiser and owner in the garment industry.   We exchanged many pleasantries as I often do; and then this came by as a surprise to me.  People are actually visioning how far I’m to go.  And this is not the first one to say these thoughts, only differing ideas.

Social Networker in quotes               Carol Kappes unquote


How’s the clothing line?

“Good.  I miss u my friend.”

It’s been awhile.  It’s my early 4:21 am, still sleeping, then I plan a trip to see my Dad…so can’t talk today.

“Ok, take care, bye.”


How’s the clothing factories? Yes, these days I look to see where they were made!

“Will you start clothing business?”

First I need a best seller…then have more goals. Nice of you to ask. Lots of dreams to finish. You like my fashions?


What I’ve been wearing?


Thanks.  Yes, I do too.

(Sends me a smiley)

Simply made too.

“Hmm. What are you doing now?”

Soon to be in bed, my sleep time.

“I am just starting office.”

Almost 11 pm; yes, I know.

“If you will start clothing business, I will help you.  I will supply clothes from Bangladesh. Cheaper price.”

You will need a pattern, right?


And small, medium and large sizes

“Yes. Also need purchase order sheet. Size wise quantities.”

Yeah, need my dreams fast; I could employ lots of future workers.

“I wish your success.”

Me, too.

“You also need to transfer LC through bank to bank.”

That all comes when I get money from my book…then other steps follow.  My connections see a future in me…even you did.  Like a future foresight…interesting.

“I will be with you all the time.”

Is this all possible from God?  Seems as though it’s foretold.  Even you knew my slight dreams.

“Dreams will come true, if this dream is pure.”

I know I’m living God’s will of my life.  It was never me to direct my life.   Actually, it’s been more of a vision… a direction I must attempt to reach.  I read the signs.

“Ok, Carol, you need to sleep now. Now midnight there”

Have a good day. Bye

“Bye, take care. Good night.”


True friends will always think of you…want the best of you too.  Many times they offer to help out, make suggestions, or just take the time to be with you and chat.  What we tend to do for others can have a lasting effect; and it makes you a better person as well.

Carol Kappes   2015

Monday, January 11, 2016

My 5th Year of Blogging

I’ve had visions that led to this day

I have always been an author of verse since after high school
I have kept many writings in a file system through the years
I have remembered looking at the file and longing it to be seen
I have seen a vision of my cross necklace embedded on my brick red top
I have been writing and commenting in social networking
I have decided to open up my website and display my writings
I have noticed within a year; the value it held to people
I have received many voices to continue with my writing
I have been asked if a book goal is in my future
I have collaborated with others’ voices into my verse
I have seen a vision on my car’s frosted window (back of driver)
I have yet to aim for that final accomplishment; work still ahead.

Many things are possible with the will of God for your life

Carol Kappes   2015
Author of Verse
St Paul, MN in USA
Began Jan 12, 2011

Friday, January 1, 2016

Have a Happy 2016

Life doesn’t always go as planned-

-You were in the hospital
-You didn’t get the raise
-You had a breakup
-You were not promoted
-You faced an obstacle
-You lost your employment
-You need more finances
-You didn’t get the job
-You have a terminal illness
-You suffered a loss
-You began to lose hope

Remember, it’s also in God’s plan.

Carol Kappes   2015