Wednesday, December 9, 2015

With Christmas Love

The brightness of the sun
The midmorning of the day
The parking of the vehicle
The warmth of the coats
The fashion of the boots
The coldness of the air
The falling of the snowflakes
The glisten of the snow
The sound of the doorbell
The arrival of the guests
The welcome of the greeting
The decorations of the tree
The twinkle of the star
The sparkle of the ornament
The blinking of the lights
The scene of the nativity
The conversations of the people
The laughter of the children
The scent of the atmosphere
The glow of the fireplace
The romance of the couple
The comfort of the afghan
The festivity of the holiday
The calmness of the music
The setting of the table
The light of the candles
The smoothness of the wine
The sweetness of the apple cider
The blessing of the prayers
The deliciousness of the meal
The exchange of the gifts
The ending of the evening
The final hour of goodbyes
The darkness of the night
The light of the moon

Carol Kappes   2015
Inspired of Christmas festivities
And the love and friendship

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Bryan Walsch said...

Christmas is a special time of year.