Monday, April 20, 2015

I Don’t Understand, it’s now Yemen

And so much of this in the Middle East


Are they subject to violence and hate?
I just don’t understand their mentality


Death of humans has skyrocketed in
Just the past few years in thousands


Is this a human ecosystem gone crazy with
Rage, anger, intolerance, hatred and evil?


Is the meaning to life and having purpose;
Living and breathing, loving and caring


Will the manner and direction to human life
Take precedence over anything else?

Carol Kappes   2015
Inspired of news events
World news-Yemen conflict

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Carol Kappes said...


Every time there is war in all places, the food is gone, structures demolished, chaos to people and their way of living.

Injuries galore, death occurs...then you have all these people living to pick up and care for the wounded, bury the dead...on and on and on.

Look at all that could be stopped in a civilized world...

Are we back in the days of ancient history? Christ came to us to teach about the family, morals, values, and all of this to bring comfort, peace and love to all.

I can't write anymore to this posting.

Thanks for reading,
With love and peace,