Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Time of Reckoning is Now

I have been talking with this Muslim man for quite some time in the eastern world.  He is a policeman. He has been a friend of mine for awhile; periodically sending messages and we chat when time is permitted.
We talked a little about Valentine’s Day approaching…Then he sent me a picture of a light bulb.  And inside of this bulb there was another picture of a leafless tree, with a heart shaped sun in the middle of the tree.

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“For you, this light.”

Yes, what would we do without the light bulb invention?

“We need the light, the God, CAROL.”

Jesus said “I am the light of the world.” I have been getting a lot more readers. I also write what is sent to me in my thoughts.

“Yes but the God who gives him the light to Jesus.”

I even wrote a verse about a candle light and writing about it, that it reminds me of Christ; it is filed for my book goal.
Yes, you are right. It is all about God. But I guess that I use Christ a lot and often because I am in His likeness. He came down to be image to mankind. Yes, it really is about God, the Almighty. You see, I use Christ often, because we are in His likeness. Christ also we must pass through, to get to God. So even if you are a Muslim, just know the Christ! Know His story from the Christian, too. Christ demonstrated the family and moral standards.  Teachings.

“Yes, I know story from the Christian.”

Great, I’m happy for you.  Whatever makes your life in peace and love…you have found God

“It is still alive in the seven heavens will come down to the ground in shame in Syria.”

Something is happening.

“In last time.”

Many readers are reading my verse “People Have Fled Syria” lately. Written in Dec. 2013. Pretty soon those people will be displaced all over the world. The wicked ones (terrorists) will be occupying one nation?

“Yes, you are right Carol, but they do not succeed because they use violence and indiscriminate killings.”

You are right…you can’t let evil control over love…because God made this world all good! He repeated this many times.  All that He made was good. The world is so simple to understand. Look how you and I understand it.

“Islam is against violence and indiscriminate killings.”

Yes, I do read some parts of Islam…what my connections give to me in videos and that. These terrorists are like CULTS…want to destroy. Rebellious to society.

“Islam with peace and love of God and the people. ISLAM is SALAM.  SALAM is PEACE.”

Very nice

“The God is not with terrorist. Are you understand me, Carol?”

The terrorist is like the devil?  Wrecking havoc on people. Yes, RELIGION is never to blame…it’s the people themselves. You are right.

“Yes, yes, Carol I’m with your point of view.”

(Then I went for a break looking at another window on my computer. Then he sent me more nature pictures. It was almost time for him to get to sleep. He sent one that had a cloud formation of an angel’s wing)

Look at the sky in this one.

“The wings of an angel.”

You can see it on the upper one

“Yes, you see very very wonderful view.”

It was

“God All Power”

Yes, He is. You understand God a lot; whereas I understand Christ a lot…but I know through Christ is where we do meet God. I use both God and Christ lately in my comments and/or verse. I view them as a family.

“Yes, Carol.”

I also had another Muslim like you and he also mentioned God. You are both spiritual also. Quite the same in spirit. I find that you both speak about the same about your religion to me. Thank you for sharing it.

“The same, Carol.”

Knowledge is powerful and wisdom.

“Is true, you are right Carol.”

(It was then he sent further nature and flower pictures to me.)

“For you.”

It’s certainly eye catching. Well, I need to let you sleep. Have a good night.

“I wish you very nice evening and very good night. Sweet dream and take your faith very well and take yourself very good, dear Carol.”

I most certainly will do my best.

Carol Kappes   2015
Dedicated to SW
Interview on Feb 4

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Carol Kappes said...

This is certainly the time of reckoning for the eastern world to be taking a stand against TERRORISM, to be in respect to humanity. It is a time to begin anew with a new light upon the world.

It is not right to be condemning a religion titled Islam that peaceful and respectable loving people have gotten to know from their land or from their own birthright.

The causes to reckon with is the inhumane human beings that defile God, the Creator of the World. God designed this world and repeated many times...He saw that it was good.

Man's sins have caused this world what we all see that is bad. We do know the difference.