Saturday, January 10, 2015

You Must Have Strength

This interview is with a young Muslim woman of 16 years old from Tunisia.
A wonderful teen to have known. I have been talking with her about her life
And she mainly also asked me many questions between both our lives. This is
One segment of it, and I had 19 minutes to talk then head out for work.

Social networker in quotes; Carol Kappes in unquotes.  Just briefly edited.


“I have a big problem.”


“My brother in the police station. He fight with his friend”

Oh no, what he do that for?

“I can’t focus in the study and I have exam.”

How old is he?


You must focus for exam

“I can’t.”

Pray and focus. Yes, you can. Don’t tell your mind you can’t.

“Mum very sad.”

You don’t need 2 problems. Ok. Not you. You understand me? His problem
Is not yours.

“I cry when I see Mum in that situation.”

You can care about…but you need to be strong

“She was very sad.”

Ok, yes it’s life.

“He is my brother too, I love him, I can’t describe him in the prison.”

But someone has to be strong; which is you. Be the anchor when others are weak.

“I can do something which I pray to the God.”

And I will pray also. Yes, but you can stay strong…do the test. Go on. In time life

“Can you pray with me?”

I am now as talking with you. Ok

“I will not forget what you do with me to help me. Thank you again.

Yes, you are the one to be strong…when others are weak. I think of Christ. He went
Through life and strength to carry on. I must go now to work…hope I helped you.

“Ok, c u later. Thank you for everything.”


How’s things and all from the last time we talked? I’m running errands, but tell me.

“I did pass my exam”

How’s your brother?

“Is free; we found a solution to this problem. Thanks to the God.”

Have I helped you in your concerns that time? With you being strong? Tell me about that.

“Thank you for helping me too.  I don’t forget when you say to me that I must be strong for my family. You are my friend, Carol; and I don’t forget this too also.”

Glad to be of help.  You will gain strength as a woman.  I’m happy for you. And it sounds like you kept staying strong for everyone in the family.

Carol Kappes    2014
Dedicated to DA
Inspired of having strength
Through moments of difficulty

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