Monday, January 5, 2015

My 4th Year of Blogging

When I hear the VOICES of many people;
They give me so much encouragement-
That I must continue on writing.

I want to capture your heart, mind, and soul.
These are so important for the well-being of
A person…and then strength sure will follow!

These are some of the VOICES that came to me
This past year in 2014:

A millionaire
Pastors, well known
Employees of government sectors
CEO’s of business
All types of careers
Upper, middle and lower class people
National and international people
College and high school students
Authors, film directors, singers

I have been thankful for your generous gift of VOICE;
And likewise I hope to have helped you as well.
Understanding can only come from acceptance.

Carol Kappes   2014
Carol’s Corner
Began in January, 2011

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Carol Kappes said...

Hi Readers,
Well, this new year came with a start of VOICEING with a young 6th grade student. I met in social networking and she seen my post and commented. I had a concern to her, unknown of the age yet and so we started chatting together.

We talked on life and life's issues. Shared so much. Then I asked these following questions.

Someday let me know if I made a difference to your life "You have."

You feel this now or earlier at Google plus "Both."

As I'm a writer, do you like the way I talk to you? "Yeah."

And do I ask the right questions? "Yeah for a 11 year old I don't really know but I'd say yes,"

About asking you if I ask the right questions would indicate that you don't mind them. "Yeah, I don't mind them."

And has it helped your heart and mind? "Yes, very much."

There is something that brings people together for a reason...and hearts and minds connect. You will notice this many times in your journey through life.

Have a blessed year,