Saturday, March 22, 2014

Take That Chance Always

When you are about to take that slide into base
You have no idea how the events will work out.

Will I be safe?  Or will I be out?  What is the call?
How did the referee see it?  Check out the cam views.

We are given chances to make things happen in life
We will never know how the outcome always ends.

The hours of persistence will prevail over time with
The determination, skill, patience, and passion.

Carol Kappes   2014
Dedicated to KL
Inspired of skill, patience
Determination and persistence
To make a win/conquer/triumph

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I Received your Word Today…

“How have you been?
I love all your posts.
You certainly know how to lift one up;
Lately, I need those encouraging words.
Take care, keep on posting.”

I write because I know what “hurt” feels like-

Carol Kappes  2014
Carol’s Corner
Networker in quotes; edited
Dedicated to MK
Inspired of helping others

Saturday, March 1, 2014

God is Everywhere!

Social Networker in quotes    Carol Kappes  in unquotes, edited

I do these things for others to make them happy
I place short stories to my songs, pictures, articles
Try to make people the best they can be

“Very Very good and very interesting your words carol is very true
(Try to make people the best they can be)”

That is my purpose for my writing and blogging and
Why I’m with Google plus and Linkedin

“I live in the earthly world, but I keep searching into the spiritual world’s
Existence.  Is your word”

This was an update with article he is referring to

Yes, I really do.  I know some of it; but I will never get to the last two
Phases of it.  It is a gift from God.  He gives it.

“Yes this is truth Carol you are very very good writing”

I understood my will of God since high school and from what I had with
Experiences in life; that is how I know this.  I put all the pieces together like
A puzzle of my life and determined this.

“Yes I’m completely with you carol you are right is true”

We talked a little on our relations/family

OK, you are learning English with me!!  What do you speak for your language
There? Or are you translating our chat?

“Yes, carol   french and arab”


“Yes, I translating our chat carol”

As he was viewing my pictures on Google plus; he then send me his

That is very cool; you look nice.  Now I know what you look like when I talk
With  you.  And you are a policeman?

“Yes, I’m cops”

I have a few cops in my connections.  I feel safe!!  Cops around me!

“Yes you are safely not afraid carol ok”

Yes, you are so right!  I have a lot of courage and strength for a lady. It became
Of me. It’s God’s strength!  You too; have to be strong!

“Yes yes yes is true carol many thanks”

You’re welcome. I think you are very happy to talk with me?

“Yes carol I’m very very happy talk with you”

Then we went on another subject; he sent me nature pictures

“I love the beauty and tranquility of Nature”

You know; I also do.  Nature is more at peace then man!  Right  I grew up on
A farm

“Yes you are always right carol”

I noticed I was always right with everything I ever say!  That’s part of me too.
But this time you talked on nature and you are RIGHT.  It is full of peace and

“I love the nature very very much”

Humans disobeyed God and that is why we are imperfect and do what we do.
We lost the balance with nature.  God made things perfect but man (woman)
Has sinned.

“And I love lived on farm carol”

I’m a simple hearted girl that became sophisticated in her own way.

“Ohhhhhhhhh very very simple you are carol  You have very good thought
To the God carol”

Yes He is real.  And I also feel Christ is very real.  He is our likeness.  That is
Why God had a son.  God make people; first man and then woman…why wouldn’t
He want his own Son?  I have strong belief system

“Very good carol”

In essence Christ created the meaning of family!  Made it strong.  I know you think
Jesus as a prophet!  But that does not stop you from understanding other religions;
It’s good to know more.

“Yes carol is true you’re right again”

In any case; the Spirit of Christ is in all people.  This is what gives us life and energy.

“Jesus and still alive carol”

Yes, He is.  And I bet you feel Him.  You feel it in nature that you love.  He is
Everywhere.  He is peace.  He brings tranquility. He brings understanding.

“Yes yes yes always you’re right carol very very good congratulation carol”

We had a long chat tonight.  Thank you…until next time stay safe.

“okay carol take care yourself very well I wish you have a very sweetie evening
And very good night  sweet dream next time and I’m very happy speak with you.”

Carol Kappes   2014
Dedicated to SW
Interview with Muslim in Algeria
Inspired of God and Nature