Sunday, December 7, 2014

Solace as Written

It’s possible with a little verse,
Your blue eyes; I live for them-
While they waiting, Darling.

Believe me;
They now wear my PEACE.

Carol Kappes  2014  (Written Title)
Social Networker      (Written verse) Minor edits
Dedicated to II
Inspired that words do
Bring about change.


Carol Kappes said...

Many people in this world always comment about my "eyes." They sure seem to be able to read something from them!
Anyway, thanks for taking your time to read my verse...thoughts that pop into my mind frequently as I talk with many VOICES in this world.

Carol Kappes said...

Often times the distraction and noise of this world; blocks out information you should be hearing from up above.
Take the time to go for a walk outdoors, take a look at nature, find peace within your own self.

Peace and love is truly sent from above. Words of God is the true source of inspiration and guidance.

Words of verse, any words of an author or writer can transform your thinking abilities. But you are born for a certain reason...and in your search, you can find it.

Take great care of yourself and those you love,