Monday, December 1, 2014

Christ is Born


In these words I understand fully how Christ felt.
These same words continue to abuse, threaten,
Terrorize, and/or murder people today in the world.

Christ came to teach all of us and to help save
A person’s soul (salvation.) Christ is born.

I understand people’s cries, especially a woman.

Carol Kappes   2014
Inspired of actual event
From history and my life


Carol Kappes said...

Christ came into this world as a baby to be in the likeness of each one of us. He lived and was among us.
He also is very similar to the first man created, Adam. Only Christ never sinned by the temptation of the devil.
Christ was a sinless man. Adam became a sinner.

I believe that the Son Of God was a TEACHER to us all; so that we can live in PEACE and LOVE. So many unbelievers and this is what has happened to the people on earth.

Conception is a miracle in itself. It took me 7 years to have a child, and I know that God has a will for everyone; because our lives are not always lived out the way we want it to...but we must seek out the life to Christ for our well-being. I can see how Mary became with child, even though she didn't know man.

Thanks for reading,

Carol Kappes said...


Sermon on the Mount
This is the greatest sermon Jesus ever preached. The Lord's prayer, the beatitudes, and the golden rule are in this sermon.

This is only one source of reference to it. But you can use your own choice in learning about the life of Christ and His teachings.

Carol Kappes said...

Today I was working in the OR room with dental patients at Children’s Hospital and came with this thought.

Adam and Jesus Christ were both creations of God. They both were not created from human Fathers. Although Christ did have a human Mother. This is written in both Christian and Islam faith.

Although the difference is that Jesus Christ is Son of God in Christian but a Prophet in Islam.

We need to question here—
Are not all prophets conceived of both human parents, entering this world from a male and female union in conception? So then God’s own creation can’t be called prophets?

We need to understand—
True prophets speak from the word of God; false prophets speak falsely claims about God’s word.

Then why in the Islam faith Jesus Christ is mentioned many more times than Muhammad’s voice? (from God)

We need to have knowledge—
It comes from the Word of God

We need to follow the truth---
“I am the way, the truth and the light” said Jesus Christ

Carol Kappes said...

This verse will hold true forever! My sorrow goes out for the children and the teachers in the Pakistan school where senseless killings took place this past week. I do know those people's cries.

How much more can this world take of all these violent, numerous circumstances? Man has been stooping himself so low...I can't comment anymore to this.

May they rest in PEACE and LOVE.

Carol Kappes said...

Many of you also have questioned and I also thought about this-Why Christ when he was living, never said "I am the Son of God."

I have concluded for one: People wouldn't believe Him. and two: People would ridicule Him. three: References were made by a few people that He was the Son of God. Those people realized this by their own act of faith.

Most of you also do not know the way my life was lived, too many stories to even go back. And also, I move ahead and I would not want to relive parts of my life. It will be all of you to decide what I am and why I write. We all have a purpose since we were born.

Enjoy the celebration of Christmas,

Carol Kappes said...

Another terrorist attack again in another nation...Paris, France. The evil has been creeping in many areas of this world already.

May they rest in PEACE; with God's grace upon their souls.

We must take responsibility to consume and end the viciousness of this atrocity.

Prayers go out to the many victims of terrorist attacks.


Carol Kappes said...

Dear Readers:

I wish to send my condolences to the families and victims of the terrorist attacks that hit in Brussels, Belgium just recently. From the Airport to the Subway station...where so many people would gather together in public...tells us the viciousness of the plans that these terrorists do. They do not have a good heart in them; but to place harm and evil on a person.

I do believe this is why Christ was born...His teachings have led us to Love and Peace. But I do notice many people live their lives in this world without the sense of seeking and knowing God.

May the prayers of support from the people in the world and the love of God; console and heal you.

Thanks for reading,