Thursday, November 6, 2014

Close with God

A human glow when he or she so much
Close with God and true feelings with relations

I deep seen ur eyes and your face-

You are perfect

Carol Kappes       (Written title)
Social Networker 
From LinkedIn     (Written verse)
Inspired of networkers views

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Carol Kappes said...

Dear Readers:
This is the 2nd time and a few others that basically mentioned or think about me this way. The other verse was titled, "One Step Closer to God."

May many of you find solace, peace and love in seeking closeness with God...for He does just that.

Often I try to place nature, observation and feelings; along with God sometimes written in the verse. Something that places a hold on your heart...grasp at your intellect...and make you feel in comfort.

Thanks so much, you are all dear to my work.

Author of Verse,
Carol Kappes