Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Yes, Readers; You Are With Me!

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The Interview

(I knew he was seeing my profile, took an interest to it, and we began an email conversation.  This had been on a “social networking site.” Will not mention what type or which one. He said to me, “I’m curious, what kind of blog do you write?” So then I just sent him my website. I did not mention anything more. He came back to me with these words.)

“Good morning Carol,
I’ve read some of your blog entries.  Quite interesting I must say especially your verse. (Carol’s Corner website) I’ve never quite come across such a writing style before and it’s pretty unique.  Says a lot about you as a person.”

(This had amazed me in what he just said. Another person can again describe my personality by just reading words that are written. This is actually my own creative writing style. I am an emotional/expressive writer.)

“I also enjoy your almost daily photo blog as well. (Google plus posts) Seems like I’ve been with you all along looking at the pictures and reading your words.  I especially LOVE your August 24 entry.  Do you know which one it is?

"Well, it was the one where you said, “A great pair of legs in “off white” or “creamy ivory” hosiery!  Yes, they’re mine.”  I’m a great admirer of women who love wearing hosiery.  I’m definitely the classic kind.  I love lace top stocking pair with lace garter belt and matching panties.  Panty hose?  Well, it obscures the “aesthetic” if you wear it over the panties!  I’m done teasing you!”

“Have a wonderful day.”

(When I had read “Seems like I’ve been with you all along…; yes, this is how I try to captivate my audience.  I do this so that these messages are not forgotten, that they perhaps will help a person in their own life.  Thus, my spirit lives on in them. And another point in the classy dressing is this; we should maintain our best looks in any career we hold.  In the style we live, we also should dress that part.)

Carol Kappes     2014
Inspired of an author’s career and
What it means to their readers

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