Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Create the Life You Want Today

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(This piece of artwork was sent to me by email; and I was excited as I had read this version of material. He is of Hindu faith, a young man in the thirty range)

You become what you do every day.

For example:
You smoke every day, and you become a smoker.
You drink every day, and you become an alcoholic.
You overeat every day, and you become obese.
You neglect your health every day, and you become sick.
You neglect your relationship every day, and it turns sour.
You spend beyond your limits every day, and you become poor.
You practice being unhappy every day, and you become depressed.

You exercise every day, and you become fit.
You sing every day, and you become a singer.
You run every day, and you become a runner.
You write every day, and you become a writer.
You eat moderately every day, and you maintain healthy weight.
You think business every day, and you become a businessman.
You work diligently every day, and become successful in your career.
You save and make your money grow every day, and you become wealthy.
You read a little every day, and you become knowledgeable on that subject.
You spend quality time in your relationship every day, and develop healthy relationships.
You practice being happy every day, and you become a happy person.
You strive for spiritual growth every day, and you grow spiritually.

Everything that is part of your life became so because you have been meditating upon it consistently.  People who are very good at what they do find a way to consistently do the things they are passionate about without taking long absences from it.  Thus, if there is something that does not serve you that you wish to eliminate from your life, simply find a way to do it infrequently until you completely stop doing it.

Conversely, if there is something you want to develop within yourself, find a way to do it every day, and one day it will become a natural part of you.

The day to take charge and create the life you want is thus today.”

(Then I said to him, “Wow!  Yes, you are right and tell me why you sent this to me?  I see a lot of qualities I carry in this piece of work.  Was this written only for me or many others as well?)

“Written to you only…”

(I do not know the origin of this article; but apparently he had seen it somewhere.)

(“Create the Life you want Today” will be a title for this.  I had given this a title.  And I will place this on my blog.  You have given me a VOICE that needs to be heard; and this will be in an interview style.)

“Thanks, and Gud luck for ur blog.  What u do?”

(I shared with him my website and then I told him my plan to place it on the blog soon.)

“Okay. You seems to be very interesting n knowledgeable person.  Would like to connect with you…”

(He was referring to connect via a chat service; and I didn’t realize it yet)

(We are 1st connections! But then why did you just send me that verse; if you seem that you had not known me before?)

“I follow u little bit on LinkedIn that’s y send u DAT msg…”

(Well, I was totally amazed by these words…and noticed it is written similar to the way that I write; and this knowledge in this piece is worth an interview on my blog.  Thanks a lot.)

“Thnk u.”

(This interview explains to us in great detail; that what is on our minds, is what we create in our life.  It could not have been said any better than this.  I am so honored to have this VOICE being sent to me and being heard to all of my Readers.  Many times I come up with surprises that not only has helped out one person; but also helped out me and many others’ lives.  We are essentially the choices that we make in our lives, and how we create them to happen.  I thank each one of you, as we all have a purpose to live for. Many times it is in our talents that we are born to do and make it a part of our life.)

Carol Kappes   2014
Dedicated to SM
Inspired of what our minds
Create for our life.

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Carol Kappes said...

Don't only allow yourself to live now in the present or moment; but to also seek and find your goals to a brighter future. A life is to be lived and enjoyed.

God bless each one of you!