Wednesday, October 1, 2014

All Dressed Up for the Date…

And he called at the last minute to cancel
And said he couldn’t get out of the meeting
And said he couldn’t make it that evening.

Yes, things like this we sometimes get!
At least we hadn’t been stood up.
At least he gave the last minute call.

We girls wonder if this is really true?
Or if he got the jitters this first time?
And decided to hold it off awhile.

Often for a date; it’s decided what to wear
So that we’d both feel comfortable.
Complimenting styles helps so much!

Oh well; another one happened today.
And it’s not the first time neither.
Life is so unpredictable and immeasurable!

What’s a girl to do when he made the date?

Carol Kappes     2014
Inspired of a dateless night
When it had been planned


Carol Kappes said...

Hi Readers:
Some guys have no idea what some women go through to even have the date planned to then it being cancelled.

She may have gotten her hair done?
Or finished work in a hurry?
Primed herself pretty!
Made the extra bonus of telling him what she is dressed in; so that he can notice her easily.

Sometimes she has planned what to talk about, so that conversation comes easily!

Anyway; what really is love?

Thanks for all of your reads;

Carol Kappes said...

Hi Readers:

Once again, a date has been cancelled on me. Some men are not trusting.

And men would tell me, that some women are not trusting.

I'll let God lead the way, because He had my entire life already.

Thanks for reading,

Carol Kappes said...


I really don't understand men; but I find that they have a sense in understanding me clearly. And I really wonder how that is possible, or how they seem to!

May you find guidance in love, knowledge and growth each day of your lives,