Monday, September 22, 2014

My Only Hope…

It is my only hope that my VOICE which
Has been heard from the east to the west
Will resonate to what I believe will come.

This world can’t continue as it has been.
We need the faith of God, our Maker to
Bring reconciliation back to our people.

I have lived long enough, throughout all
Of my heartaches as well, to know that
Mankind recognizes these atrocities.

How much more do you want to disobey
God that brought you into the world?
It’s ridiculous to think any other way.

Man was to take care what God had once
Created; beautiful, magnificent, and awesome.
Our responsibility is ours to tend to his flock.

It is the ones that bear strength, courage and
Bravery; the ones that see this to the very end;
Within repercussions of a war to destroy evil.

Carol Kappes    2014
Inspired of war on terror and the
Destruction of mankind by evil

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Carol Kappes said...

In the news I have read of the taking lives and killing of innocent children and teachers there in Pakistan at a school.

This is very sad; and we must get back to humanity. What more can I say here? I have already versed this many times in my website.

May their souls be at PEACE and LOVE with God, our heavenly Father. May they now rest in peace. Their earthly life was shattered by humans that were sinful and evil.