Monday, September 22, 2014

My Only Hope…

It is my only hope that my VOICE which
Has been heard from the east to the west
Will resonate to what I believe will come.

This world can’t continue as it has been.
We need the faith of God, our Maker to
Bring reconciliation back to our people.

I have lived long enough, throughout all
Of my heartaches as well, to know that
Mankind recognizes these atrocities.

How much more do you want to disobey
God that brought you into the world?
It’s ridiculous to think any other way.

Man was to take care what God had once
Created; beautiful, magnificent, and awesome.
Our responsibility is ours to tend to his flock.

It is the ones that bear strength, courage and
Bravery; the ones that see this to the very end;
Within repercussions of a war to destroy evil.

Carol Kappes    2014
Inspired of war on terror and the
Destruction of mankind by evil

Friday, September 12, 2014

To the Middle East Leaders

We all want love, we all want peace
Is this too much to ask?
Uniting together to make this happen
Is the only choice we have left.

By the grace of God; and humanity
We need to stop the evil ways.
Like fire in full air of the wind
It will consume more then we care.

Terrorists cause so much turmoil
It’s unjust and completely wrong.
How can the new generations live
When fear is upon their land?

I ask for your brilliance and mercy
To end the beheadings and killings.
To start in pointing to God’s direction
And bring salvation to all mankind.

Carol Kappes    2014
Author of Verse
Inspired of the Duty to end Terrorist Attacks

Monday, September 8, 2014


Something magical about them-
Resembles the sun’s shine
Gigantic blossom and tallness
Differing colors and hues
Displays brightness and happiness
Produces warmth and comfort
An array of splendor and delight!

Carol Kappes    2014
Inspired of fall arrangements;
Gift of flowers

Monday, September 1, 2014

Spend Time in the Hospital

You will see the pain,

You will see the comfort,

God remains watchful always!

Carol Kappes    2014
Inspired of hospitalization
In any situation
(Current thoughts are on Joan Rivers)