Friday, August 1, 2014


Spice up your life each day.
Spice makes it tasteful,
Delightful, bold, and tangy.

Spice up yourself each day.
Spice makes it eventful,
Scrumptious, zeal, and flavored.

Spice up your world each day.
Spice makes it awesome,
Exciting, hot, and tantalizing.

Carol Kappes   2014
Inspired of your moments


michael butcher said...

Hey Carol. Love the poem about Spice. It's a catchy little poem and I detect a double meaning.

Carol Kappes said...

Hi Michael:
Yes, you are very right! It meant such a varied meaning that I really am thinking of writing an article on this verse for Linkedin publishing. I have not started it yet.
When I do write my verse; from my thinking it comes from three sources: Nature, God, and my observations and knowledge of what I know in life.
Also these are random thoughts that come into my mind; I believe I was cooking when the thought spice occurred into my mind. Then I written it I believe after the meal.
These inspirations are sent or gifted to me; I could not just sit and write and then it would sound as beautiful like when you read them.
It is hard at times for me to really grasp how good they sound; being they come from me. Often times I like to put them away and reread it over, but still I can't read them as if I hadn't seen it before.
Thanks so much for stopping by! It's a treasure for you and my readers! All this knowledge has been a gift to my readers; and likewise I learned from the VOICES I also had the privilege to hear.

Carol Kappes said...

This is from my LinkedIn article on the publishing platform.

Enjoy life,