Sunday, June 15, 2014

Iraq News: 2014

Hearing about the Middle East:

Stuns all our hearts.
What can be done?
It always continues.
Mentality of groups?
Learned behavior?

Hardened leadership.
Reforms are needed?
Voices cry for humanity.
Mind control atmosphere?
Evil contaminates love.

Treatment inhuman.
Innocents are affected.
The forsaken people?
How can righteous begin?
Souls have become lost.

Carol Kappes  2014
Inspired of current events
To Iraq’s people in cities


Carol Kappes said...

Dear Readers:
I have been hearing world problems to the Middle East ever since I had been born, and it appears that no solutions were ever started or being made. This continues to this day. After reading the news articles and watching the videos; my heart was stunned. So I began to write the expressive verse.

Then I took out some words to it and they are as follows:

mind control

These are the issues and the problems.

Thanks for reading my thoughts.

Carol Kappes said...


When evil contaminates love in the society or region, all things break down in life.

This is the kind of "value" system that is placed on people in this region of the world. And then these kids believe this is the way of life. Don't we all see that we are never getting to the root of this evil?? It escalates and escalates all the time.It begins in one area and they move on to the next area.

Carol Kappes said...


This also came into my mind today. Remember one of the last words before Jesus died was "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?"

Thinking on this thought and I also thought of this earlier in my writing was this:

The human spirit is lost from that region. The Jesus Christ story slipped away to unbelievers and this is what happened. That is why He was born in this part of the world. To teach us all the family lifestyle of love, peace, and redemption. This is my belief.

Everything that Jesus said as He walked in life to me is true. What did he mean about forsaken? Jesus felt a burden in his most intense pain; which is the burden of sinful, evil men. Because he was the son of God and became man as we are. We are in His likeness.

The pain, trial, sufferings that we all have; are similar to Christ. I know mine has been.

May love prevail over wickedness and evil; and I know that it does.


Carol Kappes said...

Dear Readers:

I am only a civilian person living in the USA; but it brings me concern when we are not living in a more peaceful world. God brought love and peace to all people; yet there are those who grasp Satan.

My concern about Iraq and what is happening today with the extremists taking many cities in control; the more they are able to, the more that country will be under their control.

When and if that occurs, they are going to build up themselves into strength and then later go into neighboring countries.

The extremists are dangerous groups of people in that they bring terror on others; something God has never accepted. The work of Satan then exists; and therefore we live in a dangerous and volatile world.

This dire situation does not help with humanity, it turns against the natural beauty of this designed world; where man was to take care of things created by God.

The understanding and wisdom of this world is in God's word; which many people have neglected and turned away from.

Thanks for reading, and may your love continue to enhance your life.


Carol Kappes said...

I should have added these other two words that I must have skipped thru the first comment:


This is added to the issues and problems list also.

Have yourself a great week,