Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Love Lost

Just like the rain comes
After a severe drought;

So too, does the love flow
After it had been lost.

Carol Kappes  2014
Dedicated to TL
Inspired of long awaited
New love/partner after a

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Iraq News: 2014

Hearing about the Middle East:

Stuns all our hearts.
What can be done?
It always continues.
Mentality of groups?
Learned behavior?

Hardened leadership.
Reforms are needed?
Voices cry for humanity.
Mind control atmosphere?
Evil contaminates love.

Treatment inhuman.
Innocents are affected.
The forsaken people?
How can righteous begin?
Souls have become lost.

Carol Kappes  2014
Inspired of current events
To Iraq’s people in cities

Happy Father’s Day

I’ve seen the strength of my Dad-

He had passion as God’s servant
He enjoyed being able to work
He seen accomplishments on the farm
He worked long hours and hard days
He had much physical strength
He had a lot of wisdom and knowledge
He taught his children faith
He built a life around success
He educated himself well
He brought leadership to the community
He loved, admired, and cared for the land
He produced crops to feed the nations

And he’s been my mentor all along.

Carol Kappes   2014
In honor of Fathers

Thursday, June 12, 2014

I’m not a Machine!

That you can turn on
That does all the work for you
That has a certain rhythm
That you can rough handle
That gets rusty when neglected
That can sometimes get stuck

But I do…

Need to be fine tuned
Need to be taken care of
Need to be sheltered
Need to be maintained
Need to be admired
Need to be enjoyed!

Carol Kappes   2014
Inspired of the car used
As a machine for travel

Friday, June 6, 2014

Captured Heart

When you have captured
Someone’s love with emotions;
You have unknowingly placed
Yourself into their heart!

An unbreakable bond that holds
So strong; like glue to a board;
Forms a permanent attachment
Into the crevice of the heart!

Carol Kappes   2014

Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Art of Spiritual Sexuality

(Social Networker in quotes, Carol Kappes in unquotes, edited)


As we are born into the image and likeness of God; this interview describes the nature of
bringing in the most profound depth to the humans’ desire of intimacy and love for each other.
Also as when the world was created, God created man and then created woman from his rib.


This networker viewed my blog, and seen photos of me; and he described that it was subtle yet
beautiful cleavage and very sexy legs in a short skirt…that I actually bring in respect for real
men to be attracted to me.

There had been many connections that essentially made the comments of beauty, that I have a
perfect body and legs (men in fashion retail) and that I need to develop it into my style and into
my writing. My intention is to bring wholesome thoughts into the mainstream…and it seems to
be working. And yes, I stay within the American businesswoman dress code.

“I’m glad you recognize the truth of what I am saying and that it is confirmed by others who
know you well. When reading your (A Woman is Like an Egg) aroused a feeling of wanting to
hold you and make love to you. Your connections are absolutely right…you have a gorgeous
body, beautiful natural full breasts and legs that I would challenge any man to deny he would not
want to be between. Your mind and the way you can get into the heart and mind of a man are far
more sexy then the woman who flaunts it.”

Thank you and you have described me so well! Oh my gosh. I’m so surprised how men know
me better than I can ever know a man and that is so true.

I then talked on the divorce, dated not the first year due to personal reasons, but after that and
then talked on how the lawyer didn’t want me to hurry into a relationship due to the effect I
might marry the wrong man or the same type of a man.

“You have a way about you…ironically, when you spoke earlier about women not being
respected (theme for another verse), I sense that you have almost a spiritual power to draw men
to you and in part control them in the sense of removing their power over you and replacing it
with a desire in them for you if that makes sense. Not just the obvious desire to satisfy you
sexually but to care for you, protect you; not necessarily be subservient to you but certainly to
put your needs above their own…does this sound true with you?...have you realized this yourself

It is interesting for you to say this!!! Yes, men come back to me in that sort of sense…many
times I meet men and it seems that I want to work on them mentally first; so that they have this
desire and need for me.

“I am sure they do…do you find yourself tempted to satisfy your own desires when you
recognize the power you have with one who quite clearly has been drawn to you perhaps even

Thus the reason I have not found the one; because I have this strong desire to find the man that
would satisfy me sexually and spiritual inclined like a soul mate would. Very close in intellect
and those types of abilities. Yes, you are RIGHT!
How do you know all this? I find this amazing how you know me; just like this other fellow did
when he described my personality like on my verse titled “When Others Can Describe your

I had known about my power of doing God’s will since high school years, due to all of my life
experiences and also now when I place all the pieces of my life together like a puzzle.

“Perhaps because I recognized a similar spirit and sexuality…more than that really in the sense
that recognition suggests it being a mental process whereas this was much more powerful-and
also whilst not looking but merely chatting suddenly realize that it is as if you have thrown out a
hook that has buried itself into me and enabled you to reel me helplessly in towards you.
I sense that you not only have a desire to be loved, held, cuddled, kissed and cared for but that
you also have a very high sex drive/appetite that you may not have shared with another but you
know only a certain man could satisfy and would want to…add to that the need to connect
spiritually and you have a narrow field to choose from!”

OMG! I can’t believe what you just wrote. Yes, I have had a few dates, I find some with less
sexual knowledge and thus I don’t stay with them long…and they have missed me.

“Perhaps your male mirror image knows only too well how you feel, who you are, and why it is
impossible for anyone else to satisfy you. You know the answer to your questions already
because you know that sexually it would almost anywhere, or anyhow until both are totally
drained…it’s not always younger you need; it’s maturity with experience, ability to last all night
and desire to explore everything about you. Do you feel the excitement?”

Wow, I can’t believe what I am reading from you!! Just waiting for the day to arrive…you are
right; very far and between is the one for you; but God must know where he is? He created man
to have a woman, is this right?

The desires of man and woman are pretty much the same. It is within the continuing love and
passion that keeps the momentum and moment just right, a desire within the heart and mind!


All of this brings to mind the relationship between the man and woman; and to be there for one
another. We are to know yourself well and to know your life partner; along with understanding
God and all of his blessings bestowed upon them. I know that the art of spiritual sexuality can be
reached within the height of the intense emotional moment of desire. It does exist.

I have spoken with two connections in this subject; and they were very similar.

Carol Kappes 2014
Dedicated to anonymous