Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Gift of Flowers

Flowers are one of the many treasures of spring/summer.
Most abundantly they create a feeling of contentment
and satisfaction. They help ease the pain of sorrow in
one’s life or to reveal one’s feelings to another by an
act of showing much concern, care, thoughtfulness,
kindness, affection, gentleness, fondness and love.

Flowers are symbols of many various occasions with
many precious meanings behind each perfect bloom.
The scent of each bloom reminds us of the sweetness
of life, to be endured throughout the years, upon
generations of people on the earth.  How wonderful
that the fragrance leaves many golden memories behind!

Yes, flowers represent much happiness and love no
matter what the occasion.  It has a special meaning and
shall always remain a source of God’s wonderful beauty
upon the land for as long as we shall live.

Carol Kappes   1985
Inspired of flowers in
The earth’s landscape.

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