Friday, February 14, 2014

Beauty to the Beholder

I drove 75 miles round trip, but
It was worth every mile to meet
The charming and talented,
Lovely and excellent,
Hugger and kisser
Whom I adored in her gorgeous red dress.

Each second in your arms was more delightful.

I appreciate your story about how you bring in
The photographer to help capture your poses
For your use in the blog on the internet/website.

You have an outstanding imagination!

Carol Kappes   2014
In collaboration
Carol Kappes        (Written Title)
Social Networker  (Written Verse)
Dedicated to DS
Inspired of a first meet/for coffee

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Carol Kappes said...

Dear Readers:
I placed this particular verse to show that what someone says about you has an effect between both parties.
When I meet others; I view them as a business associate; as I have been in the public's eye for so many years during my lifetime in a dental career.
I see people as they are; till I get more acquainted with what they talk about and how they value about things in their lives.

Thanks for stopping into my website,