Wednesday, January 1, 2014

When Others Can Describe your Personality

(Networker voice in quotes, Carol Kappes voice in non-quotes; edited )

“Dear Carol
Thank you for inviting me to your blog.   I found it really interesting, instructive and tells a lot about your personality and how you perceive life and those around you.  I am really proud of you and so blessed to know someone like you, knowledgeable and well versed in seminal subjects.
I am so interested in your blog and will always follow what you kindly post.”

And I was a simple girl!  Thank you so much!  Yes, others are able to see my personality.

“You know dear Carol Ralph Waldo Emerson said that:  “Nothing is more simple than greatness; indeed, to be simple is to be great.” Moreover, simplicity makes beauty.  It is because you are a humble person with great potentials that you are talking about simplicity .On general terms, sophisticated people who have a wide range of knowledge tend to be the most modest of all, while empty barrels, or those with a little knowledge, make the most noise.
 I, therefore, strongly encourage you in your path and wish you all the best of luck.  I am indeed very proud of you and highly praise your human values and principles.”

Thank you for those thoughts.  (I asked him what faith he was; for my understanding. Then I talked a little on my divorce/hardships.)

“I am so sorry to hear that you have been through those hard times and ordeals.  We all experience hard times in our life but we need to be strong enough to come out victorious and with the least wounds possible, so that we can keep up and continue our path in life.
Having said that, I can sense a lot determination and strength in your message that’s why I am proud of you again because of your strong personality and your clinging to life no matter what happens.  After all, life must go on regardless.  I do really love your personality that can be a source of inspiration and hope.”

Thanks…yes…feedback helps me get better at what I do for sure.  I am an emotional/expressive writer that wants to get to the heart n soul of people. And that is also how I chat/interview with others.  Many times I get more ideas from doing that.

“It is so true when you said that feedback from people helps you get better and at the same time feedback gives you some insightful ideas that reshape your thinking and enable you to share with your readers your diverse experiences and stories in life and about life.”

Yes…likewise I see all these diverse cultures in my dental office…so I see people of all colors the same.  They have all the basic needs to live.  To keep healthy n live.

“Yes, so true!!! No matter what our skin color, our background or religion are, we are all human beings, belonging to the same race, with one God, the Creator and Almighty above everyone, anything and everything on earth. 
You are lucky enough to meet people from different cultures and backgrounds, who all have the same hopes, same objectives, same likings, and most importantly, they do share the same human universal values.
I wish you the best of luck in your brilliant and inspiring career.”

I’ll have to use your last sentence here when I market my goal of a book when I get that finalized!

“I will be the first one to have the honor and privilege of buying your book.  When is it gonna come out??”

Working on manuscript thus now…then look for a publisher.
And how old are you?  I am around (5 yr range) yrs old.  But I look 10 yrs younger then my actual age.  (I ask their age so I am informed of the generation they are in)

“Indeed, you look much younger than that range of age dear Carol.  The most important thing is that I see in your pictures, a very young lady, full of spring, full of energy, full of dynamism and most importantly, full of hope, optimism and much much more joy and happiness.
A young and talented lady (indeed so gifted), with a very young spirit and a lovely and a lively mode of living, that can be so inspiring to those who are young in age, but old in spirit…those who have lost hope in life…those who have been repressed and frustrated in life, because of so many ordeals and bad luck.
I can see in you a young woman who is proud of herself, who has a high self esteem and self confidence and a woman who is smart enough to be a role model for others.  In short, you are a young spirited woman, so Kind-hearted and with high potentials and a wide range of knowledge in life.”

First of all I want to tell you that you described me well…and known me in one day…wow.

“I am so delighted that I was successful in describing to some extent your true being, personality and your physical appearance.”

Carol Kappes   2014
Dedicated to KG
Inspired how others perceive you.
Make the best of YOU.


Carol Kappes said...

Dear Readers:
This interview had been by email and when the VOICE came to me I had been awestruck at what he had been telling me. And I found his knowledge brilliant and outstanding in the little amount of time we were acquainted.
I felt the importance of placing this on my blog due to the fact of how we present ourselves is the key factor or ingredient how others will perceive you. Don't take away your God given talents or to destroy it with poor choices. Then it would be hard for you to find meaning or purpose to your life.
Thanks for viewing my blog,

Carol Kappes said...

Hi Readers:

Today I was reading the biography of Ralph Waldo Emerson and some words in his books of his writing. And the thought that came to me was this: I think alot like him! He often brings about Nature and God also in his writings. I was impressed.

They often say; sometimes history repeats itself. I can say what the world is now, from the time I was a child; has drastically changed so much.

Find time to enjoy the little things, because the big things often get in the way.


Carol Kappes said...

Dear Readers;

My book is written and available on major websites where books are sold. Search for it in my name...and my title is "To Hear Your Voice."

Thank you so much for making this happen.