Monday, December 9, 2013

Does the Sun Set in the West and Rise in the East?

Jesus Christ is the light of the world,
And He was born in the eastern world;
A savior to all of mankind.  God had
Chosen this certain place; in the east.

We were to follow this certain star into
The evening sky; because the sun reads
Only time, not the land location. The star
Had shown brightness that evening night.

Jesus brings us PEACE in the darkest days
And nights.  A comfort within our souls; we
Are in the likeness of Him.  And His teachings
Live on throughout the west and the east.

Remember that the light of the sun rises in the
Eastern horizon, reaches high above at noon;
And by evening it sets in the western horizon.
We all must share in the light of Jesus Christ.

(My Christmas greetings to the world; 2013)

Carol Kappes  2013     (Written verse)
Social networker         (Written title)
Inspired that the Son of God came to
All people in all nations of the world
Dedicated to PTL


Carol Kappes said...

Dear Readers:
This song goes well with this verse; The First Noel

Carol Kappes said...

Dear Readers:
I received the sentence (title) from a social networker; and as soon as I received it, my mind immediately went to work and wrote the verse. Many of my verses has been written in this way. Random thoughts that transpire in my mind.

There is a purpose for my creative writing; and I know that it is a gift that I have; and it's purpose is to share to the world.

I wish you all the very best that life has to offer you. I look at many ways to understand this world and also the life that we all live. My life was great, then failure happens, and I just pick myself up and go again. We all have these moments of grace and setbacks.


Mr. Mike Dawson said...

Wow,... Moments of grace. I reckon I have had those moments, and then some. Reflecting deeply into what was, and knowing what is to come, I just say, even so Lord, just come..

Carol Kappes said...

Mr. Mike Dawson; Thank you for commenting here. Yes, I'm happy you also find moments of grace that come into your life. When they do, it gives meaning deeper into our heart and soul that warrants us to keep moving on in this world. May God bless you, and surround you with his unending love.
Thanks for viewing my blog.