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Interview of Islam and Christian Faith

(Social Networker voice in quotes; Carol Kappes voice in non-quotes; as written in faith discussion, unedited) 


Well, I did sleep; but got up way too late than I wanted to.  Wed is my day off. You definitely will go down in history of 5 hours of “interview” time that I ever had.  This gave me a glimpse also of how you think of Jesus; which I believe may be the factor of  "problems” in this world that people do not believe in Him; but I am not a scholar and no one ever was able to come to the conclusion why people “act out” in this part of the world.

This is what I am trying to figure out in a sort of way; I would love for it to end in some treaty so people’s lives are not in CHAOS.  The world was never made for that.

But we all know life is unjust and always was…

“I just want you to check where the truth doesn’t mater is how many years you Learn it or you
practice all of us we just looking for truth.
People before Jesus when Jesus came to them and he ask then to follow his way and he tell them
this the troth from Gad
What they answer to him?   They said to him we have so many years learn & follow & practice
our own way and our father and grandfather way and you want us to change it and follow
I mean here that’s if you was learn and follow and practice something this doesn’t mean is it the truth.”

I have learned, followed and practice in what I know the possible way; and it is to understand
the truth.  I do believe that I have a great understanding; but I will never know the reality of it
all.  How could I?  You are right, it may be impossible for anyone to exactly know all
circumstances to the Word of God.  Even his own apostles sometimes questioned and wondered.

One of them betrayed Jesus and Jesus also knew ahead of time which one that was going to be.
Jesus was a visionary or he heard from God his Father?  Sometimes you have to believe, even
though you  can’t see him.


Man has destroyed humans by killings, abortions, etc than God does by natural disasters.

“What about the people befor Jesus came?”

The people before Jesus were just the same probably; some believe and others didn’t        
All of man would have changed the religions from the very first religion
And I don’t know what that first religion really is

I think humans destroy more people than disasters do
Do I make sense to you?

“ok, if God have son and he send his son to do goal in earth with the people the Q is why a God powerful why not save his son?”

God and Jesus could have saved himself, but, the reason that He didn’t was that he had to fulfill the scriptures from the old testament.  I guess in the old testament it was forthcoming.  But which ones I would not know.

“And save his goal if not retch this goal, why god send him as son?”

??Not sure what you are asking here?  It was the people that were unbelievers to Jesus.  Remember the Ceasar crowd and some did not want Jesus hung on the cross?  About half of the people or more believed he was the King of the Jews.  After he died, more thought he really was and Jesus death on the cross represent our crosses to bare.  We don’t have life easy, I feel my life was a lot like Jesus, really I do.

“The reson to have a son what?  To save pepole from sins right?  Did Jesus do it did he continued so the people kill him and his father watch that when he powerfull and the aim will not be done so what the resone to send son for something not done?  The people are controlling God and son of god.”

That was an interesting statement you wrote.  But I come up with the fact that people remained disobedient, disbelief; just as when the world was made.

“the God is one and Jesus is normal prophet with mircal and god is powerful he do whatever he want and we all believing thats.”


“in Islam when the people going to kill him God pull him in the sky”

Kill who in Islam?  Oh Jesus?


Interesting.  I know many people do not live in faith.  Why did you want to know my thinking on this?  It was scholarly work on my part.

“What the logic here why God not save his son in Islam God save Jesus and take him to sky?”

I think one reason is that Jesus might have had to go to hell.  In which he did descent then He went up to heaven

“You know the person was killed in the crose?”

There were 3 that day, 2 prisoners with Jesus.  And Jesus told the prisoner, you will be with me in paradise.  So we will see and hear the judgement.  Anyway, this is a lot of thinking on my part.  You really had everything checked out with me.  Very interesting.  Did I make this sensible to you?  This is all my belief.  We touched on many subjects in one short day?

“Yes, but just last the person who was killed in crose is the one who bring food to Jesus he informed the people which they need about his place so God take Jesus make the face.”


“Make the face of the man same face of Jesus so the people take this man as Jesus and kill him.”

I don’t think that would have been done

“why God can’t do thats?”

Because of  Jesus’s apostles, another reason he needed witnesses.  Did they prepare his body for burial?  And then rolled the stone and they kept an eye on his grave


Till they seen that he rise as he told his apostles he would and they did see him when he descended from hell to go to heaven

“Jesus never go to hell.”

He had to.  I think he did because we are born of his likeness.

“What he done wrong to be in hell?”

He is like us.  He had to experience it.  Maybe to tell us there is a heaven and hell.

“How his son of God and how he will be in hell?”

I’m not sure that part in Bible or if that is from the catholic teachings.  I would have to look this up.  It could be catholic.

“See, Jesus in Islam is a Holy and Mary she is a Holy and God make a miracal to us to see us do we believe him or not.”

I believe  what all  I told you and it comes from my knowledge. But I had read the new testament in high school age. And went to church when I grew up.

“Can I see you now?”  (use of webcam)

“I can see you are Religion women”

Well I would describe myself as spiritual

“The knowledge you have.”

I am not holy but I do believe that Jesus planned and is running my life.  He gives me these thoughts ahead, I am visionary.  I make choices from those thoughts.  I write from my mind, the earthly experience and the spiritual world.  I can no longer develop myself; I am now developing others

“Yes, all what you said now is right.  But all that’s for the God not son”

Have you heard of Maslow’s theory? I have accomplished what I needed in myself but I am transcending to help Gen X and Y through social networking and the internet.  God as his son is in heaven and left his spirit to me.

“Can I see you please”  (use of webcam)

But I seem to think of Jesus more in my life due to the fact he was human like I am.  I live for God; I see the world in God’s eyes.  I see how he created it and how he wanted it to be.

(Then on came the webcam)



You have just read a personal chat and webcam conversation between the two of us.  We first became acquainted, talked about our families, our careers, life, and then it ended with our faith; which seemed to come in suddenly. Each person that I am gifted to VOICE is very special to my heart and theirs.  They are told that their VOICE is on my blog.  I thank each and everyone of them.

We all in this world share the same God.  It was man that divided Religion through these years.  But it really comes down to the individual human being to understand through knowledge of who they are and their purpose here on earth.  We are all born individual and we all die individual.

My mission is to have a much more peaceful World; one that we can understand cultures clearly.  We have been importing and exporting for years and so we must understand the work of people. Diversity is ever changing as people are moving around national and international; probably more then ever in these future generations.

Carol Kappes    2013       (Written in non-quotes)
A social networker          (Interviewed; Written in quotes)
In collaboration
Dedicated to SE
Inspired of Various Religion and
 Beliefs about Jesus Christ
(I had spoken to at least 3 Muslim men from the Eastern world about their faith.  They were very similar to this conversation)

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Carol Kappes said...

Dear Readers:
After we had interviewed I did some research of the differences on the internet and found this as follows:

Jesus: A Summary of the Points About Which Islam and Christianity Agree and Disagree
Summarized by Dr. Alan Godlas
Both Islam and Christianity
1) revere Jesus and assert Jesus' holiness, in the sense that he lived in the world while being pure and free of sin;
2) believe that Mary, Jesus' mother, was decent, pure, and holy;
3) declare that Mary, a virgin, miraculously conceived Jesus;
4) assert that Jesus performed a number of miracles.
Concerning Jesus, Islam and Christianity differ in the following ways:
1) While Christianity asserts that Jesus is both human and divine, Islam does not accept the belief in Jesus' divinity. Hence, while Christians worship Jesus, Muslims instead revere Jesus and believe in him as a prophet, using the Qur'an (not the Bible) as a reliable record of knowledge about Jesus;
2) Although Christians believe that Jesus is the son of God, Muslims assert that God does not give birth and therefore has no sons or children. God is not physical for Muslims; and hence for Muslims God cannot be a father.
3) On the one hand, Christianity declares that Jesus was crucified. On the other hand, Islam asserts that it only seemed like Jesus was crucified, and that God miraculously "took him up to God, Himself."
4) While Christianity asserts that Jesus died in order to redeem the original sin of mankind or human sins as a whole, Muslims do not believe in Jesus as a redeemer and saviour, since they do not believe in original sin and since they do believe God's grace, guidance (in the form of prophetic revelation--the word of God), and human effort are sufficient for redemption and salvation.