Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Feel God’s Love

God’s love is like the
Ocean; vast and deep.

You can’t ever see it,
But you can feel it.

Carol Kappes  2013
Inspired of  the depth
Of God’s love He gives.
Love is not seen, but felt.


Carol Kappes said...

Hi Readers,
I came up with this verse today. I was trying to think of how I can describe this love that has been in my mind/heart each day.

It is so strong that it reminded me that when you look out into the ocean, you can't see the end nor the depth. That is the same with the love of God.

Thanks for reading,

Carol Kappes said...

God's love is as powerful as the ocean's wave; it'll move you!

Carol Kappes said...

Hi Readers:
Did you ever think or were aware that most of Jesus miracles had been water or the ocean? And in Noah's time, the ocean swelled up over the earth and left a rainbow as a covenant to man? You see, little signs are left for us to believe.

Within nature, and the spiritual world, the hypothesis is there for belief.

Thanks for viewing my blog,

Carol Kappes said...

And those who understood God; has felt His presence. What is felt is eternal peace and calmness. CK

Carol Kappes said...

Dear Readers,
I want to share with you also what I mentioned in my updates on Linkedin social networking site:
God's love is so strong; nothing will ever break the strength of the bond.

Then I added these comments:
1. No man will come close to the love that GOD brings. It is an everlasting feeling within. An intensity beyond measure.

2. He has in so many ways or His angels guarded my life; this is why I seem to know and understand His pure love. I can't live without the blessings; and I don't mean material things, but the things of the heart, mind and soul. That is where you will get the profound "feeling" within yourself. And people are "searching" all their life for this; but they don't know where to look. It's in His words.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I can only help those who want meaning and purpose to their lives.
With love,