Friday, September 27, 2013

For Iran

Like in a divorce, the many
Hurts can be swept away.
What was in the past,
Is no longer in the present.

Like a woman on her own,
She carries stamina each day.
What was in the mind,
Is no longer in her heart.

Like a burden that it was
The load seems lighter today.
What was in the past,
Is no longer in the present.

Carol Kappes     Sept,  2013
Inspired of the telephone conversation of
USA Pres. Obama and Iran Pres. Rouhani
(The needs of today; is different from the past.)


Carol Kappes said...

Dear Readers:
There are times we wonder why we live in the world like it is? It was not designed to be in chaos or instability. God made man to please him; when the world was first made, there was no man!

This verse was important to me in that "talks" can go alot further than conflict/war/oppression. I know what hurt does to people. They wonder what life really is all about.

I see changes, I see the world in God's eyes, and I have beliefs. We all have to agree; we need a changed world for our people and our future generations.

Thanks for caring,

annu said...
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Carol Kappes said...

Your comment had nothing to reply to this verse.