Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Beating (Brutality)

Does this give you a “natural high?”
Is this how you get “power?”
Do you like to “humiliate” others?
Do you like to see “suffering?”
Why do you “laugh” about it?
Do you like to “hurt” others?

What did you “gain” from it?
What “circumstances” lead to it?
What “feelings” do you have from it?
What “apologies” or “guilt” is there?
What “dignity” is there in you?
What “motivates” you to do this?

Think… Before You React!

Carol Kappes   2013
Dedicated to BB
Inspired of Aggression, Bullies

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Carol Kappes said...

Dear Readers:
I wrote this piece after I watched a beating scene from a video that was shared to me from Google plus social networking. The responses in this verse was written after watching and viewing this particular scene. The man was eventually shot after so much kicking, poking and extreme violence to this man.

It made me very sad to watch this cruelty to mankind.

It's just a shame we live in such HATE in this world.

May kindness and care prevail,