Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Words of Thought

Nice to meet you
That looks good on you
How are you
You look well today
I’ve missed you
Thanks for listening
You’ve been helpful
That was a great idea
Excuse me
It was my mistake
I’m sorry
I didn’t notice that
Hope you understand
Thanks for the advice
I really appreciate it
I forgot all about it
I’ll keep this in mind
That was kind of you
You’re welcome
You’re a team player
We learn everyday
That’s a good effort
We reached our goals
That was great advice
I never thought of that
You were right
You’ve done a neat job
You gave it your best
That turned out okay
It was more than I expected
It looks really nice
You’re so thoughtful
Your responsibility shows
You made me feel better
I’m glad that we met
It was nice talking to you
Take care of yourself
Have a great day
Come again soon
I’ll see you again
Thanks for the visit

Carol Kappes   2012
Inspired by
“What we say to others”

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